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A Pixie Haircut to Remember, Consensual, Surprise, Time for a Change, What If

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Gianna was a warm-skinned beauty with mid-back length chestnut hair, luscious and gleaming under the bright sun rays. Gianna’s husband, Liam, couldn’t take off his eyes when he first saw her at a music festival. Then, the three-year-old relationship turned into forever when they finally decided to get hitched two years ago. But it wasn’t just Gianna’s beauty that attracted Liam; it was her abundant innocence and golden heart that truly ensnared him.
By the time, Gianna reached home, she was a hot mess. The skin was burning, hair clung onto her face due to sweat while the bun was falling apart, and the feet were hurting like hell. Wheezing and panting, she entered home and plopped down on the couch. Since there was time before Liam would return, she decided to soak herself in the luxurious bathtub.
Drawing a bath for herself, she poured her lavender scented essential oil and usual soap and stepped in. Once her body submerged inside the cooling, aromatic water, calmness engulfed her, and she almost lost track of time.
“Gianna, baby, you will give me a heart attack now!” Liam jolted her awake as she jerked up on the bathtub.
She held her hand to her chest. “What?!”
“You fell asleep in the tub!” Liam screeched.
She looked around and gathered herself. “How did you enter the home?”
“I took the key from Mrs. Davis across the door. I tried the bell so many times, but you didn’t answer. Then I tried the cellphone, but it was switched off,” Liam said.
“Yeah, yeah. The battery is dead, and I forgot to put it on charge.” Gianna sighed long and deep. “It was an awful day, Liam. Don’t even get me started.”
“Babe, you look upset. What happened?”
“At the firm, the Wellington Case is going south. No witnesses are willing to testify. My car broke down suddenly, and I had to walk down five blocks in a pair of heels, and that too, in this sultry weather. Plus, the phone went dead. And when I came home, I saw I looked like shit.” She finally ended her babble in one breath.
Liam leaned in and pulled her into a long, deep kiss as their tongue danced until they were breathless.
“Let me make you feel good then,” he said and urged her to lean back against the tub. Dislodging her bun and letting the chestnut brown hair cascade down, he offered, “How about I wash your hair?”
She grinned like a kid. “You’re an angel, Liam.”
Liam pulled a stool, placed it behind the tub and settled down. Squirting a generous amount of shampoo after wetting her hair, he started lathering from root to tips. And washing a mid-back length hair with such volume and lusciousness was no small task!
As his fingers worked her scalp, adding pressure and massaging with firm strokes, Gianna was moaning in bliss.
“God! This feels…heavenly, Liam,” she breathed. The fingers now pressed the lower portion of her skull.
“Don’t moan like that baby; you will give me a hard-on.” Liam chuckled. But to his wonderment, she moaned even louder.
“You are a tease, woman!” Liam scolded.
“I know.” She smiled. “When I came home, I thought of washing the hair after a bath, but I felt so tired that I had to drop the plan. It is so lengthy and takes so much time…” she trailed off.
“When was the last time you cut your hair?” he asked. “Except for those front layers.”
“Every time I sit down on the hairstylist’s chair, I bail out. I can’t decide what cut or length I want, so I just ask her to trim the fringes, pay and leave,” Gianna answered.
“Why don’t ask the hairstylist to help you choose?”
Gasping, she quickly sat upright and spun around. “What if…you know…what if I don’t like the length or the cut? I don’t want to leave the fate of my hair on a stranger’s decision and regret later.”
Liam grabbed her shoulders and swiveled her gently to face away. “OK, drama queen, sit straight and let me wash your hair.”
He took his time to rinse off the suds from the hair, then applied conditioner and finally finished off the process.
“The massage felt amazing, Liam,” she uttered in bliss.
By then, Liam stripped off his clothes and advanced towards the shower cubicle. Gianna glanced his way, watching silently how the water cascaded down his chiseled body and muscular structure.
He turned around to face her. “Mind joining me, álainn?”
She got up and climbed out of the tub, sauntering closer to him. “Thought you’d never ask.”
Arms wrapped around each other, skin against skin, the happy couple got lost into the intoxication of their nakedness. Once the faucet was turned off, Liam watched Gianna struggle to entangle the wet mass of unruly long hair while he dried himself.
An idea struck his mind.
He advanced towards her and proceeded to soak the water from her hair-very carefully, very gently, almost sensual.
“God! Washing, drying, and caring for this hair takes half a day for me,” she grumbled, at the same time enjoy the feel of being pampered by the love of her life.
“You said you couldn’t decide for yourself,” Liam began carefully. “And you don’t want a stranger to decide for you, too. Then I have a solution.”
“Really?” She turned around with a hopeful expression. “What’s the solution?”
He brushed the damp fringes away clinging to her forehead. “How about I decide something for you, Gia? Will you let me?”
Gianna was stunned for a moment, but even she couldn’t deny that the idea of Liam deciding for her was surprisingly fabulous. “I…I didn’t even think about it. Wow! It never struck me. I think it’s the perfect solution, Liam.”
He stood behind her, studying the length and volume of damp, tangled mane. “You are right, álainn. This is really high maintenance,” he commented.
“You need to tell the stylist exactly how you want. Sometimes they tend to misread the instructions,” she voiced her concern.
He swept her hair off her shoulders and leaned down, whispering in her ear, “I am not taking you to a stylist, Gia. I will be cutting your hair.”
Instantly, she lost her voice as eyes widened. “I…I…perfect,” she breathed out.
Liam smiled, as another instruction rolled out of his lips. “Sit on that stool. I’ll be back in a minute.”
With that, he hurried out of the bathroom, into their bedroom, and grabbed a hairbrush, comb and a gleaming pair of scissors from the cupboard. When he returned, he saw his beautiful, compliant wife sitting on the stool – waiting for him – with a towel wrapped around her body. “No. I want you naked while I cut your hair,” he declared, and jerked the towel away, exposing her warm, flawless nakedness. “And you face this way, not that.” He quickly turned her away from the floor length mirror on the opposite wall.
He quickly cut her in. “No. Those are the rules. No clothes and no mirror.”
Gianna hunched her shoulders in defeat. “Alright. I am all yours. At least tell me what are you planning to do?”
He winked and stalked behind her to begin brushing the tresses gently until they are free of knots. The pampering helped her slip into the state of tranquility in no time. Once the brushing stopped, and he picked up the scissors, Gianna anxiously asked, “How are much are you trimming, Liam?”
“Gianna,” his tone was firm and serious. “This is no trimming. I promised you a haircut so you will receive a haircut. No silly trimming. Now sit tight and let me work.”
Even though nervousness churned inside her, she sat straight, allowing him to continue. Liam had no idea before he began, but the thought of a drastic look made him greedy. He never saw Gianna experimenting with her looks or stepping out of her comfort zone and for once, with this opportunity, he wanted to push her. But he trod very carefully not to startle her and began with baby steps.
He slid the scissors near her shoulders, held her head steady with the other hand, and began snipping away 10inches of length.
The sound of snipping and the touch of the cold steel were the only clues from where she could draw any conclusions. It went on and on, in slow, deliberating tune and finally ended. Long, masculine fingers brushed the newly cut length as she nervousness slowly slid away.
“There!” he said and dropped the 10inches length near her feet.
“Oh my God, Liam, it’s so…” Her hands quickly shot up, but Liam captured them in no time.
“No, no. I haven’t finished yet. Keep your hands at your sides.”
He began brushing the hair evenly while she held her breath for the next move. This time, he divided the hair into three sections – back, left and right, and began working on her nape. The cold steel touched her skin once again, this time at the end of her skull, and the excruciating sound of snip began. Once the cut ended, she breathed a small sigh of relief hoping this would be the end of the surprising haircut by her husband.
Liam fluffed the short hair, now touching the base of her skull. His fingers lightly feathered over the exposed neck in a gratifying manner. Each passing second, she fell deeper under his spell. His large palm splayed on top of her head, tilting it slightly, holding and steadying her as he cautioned, “Keep very still for this. If the line gets crooked, I would have to trim more than I intend to.”
“Okay,” Gianna whispered as he started working on the left side. The scissors worked in slow motion, snipping the hair along the jawline. Gianna closed her eyes devouring on the sensation that both filled her with apprehension and excitement. She could feel the shorn tresses on her shoulders, and then gliding down to her naked breasts and finally on her lap or feet. She tried hard not to squirm in her seat and to prevent rubbing her thighs together to diffuse the growing heat between her legs. Finally, the snipping on the left side completed, and he moved to the right.
“Gia!” he warned when she could help but squirm with delicate sensations.
“I…the hair actually…” she trailed off.
Finishing off the right side, he stood in front of her comparing both the sides.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Just have to trim it a little–”
She quickly cut him in. “No, no. I think it’s short enough. I never had something so short before, Liam.”
He gently cupped her jaw, easing her fears. “Gia, you trust me, right? Allow me to decide for you. Just let go all of the stress and enjoy your haircut. Let’s make you feel good,” he said and squatted down in front her. He slowly nudged her thighs apart and flicked a finger over her swollen clit.
“Oh God!” she moaned.
“You’re wet, sweetheart,” he stated the obvious with a smirk. “I wonder why. Is it being naked, or the surprise haircut?” he asked, continuing to tease her wet and warm folds.
“I think…both,” she whimpered, biting onto her lower lip.
“Let’s move on to the next surprise then,” he announced, retracting his touch and moving to stand behind her once again.
He picked up the clippers, without her knowledge, and quickly fired it up. Gianna almost jumped up.
“What…what..no…not bald please,” she begged.
“Are you mad? Of course not. Bald isn’t my kink. Sit tight and enjoy the experience, love. I assure you, you’d love this.”
With a firm hand on her head, he said, “Head down for me.”
The Clippers began its journey from her nape and towards the occipital bone in a slow, slithering movement. The vibrations were wrecking her nerves. The heat shot through her veins and pooled between her legs as she wantonly drove a finger in and out of her cunt.
“Fuck…it feels…” she groaned.
Liam’s voice rose above the clippers. “Bring yourself on edge and hold it there. Do not cum!”
“You have no idea how close I am, Liam.”
“Oh! I have the idea alright, sweetheart. But hold yourself back. If you cum, I am getting another go with the scissors and then the clippers again,” he warned in a dark, seductive voice. Even Liam was hard with desire.
The clippers roamed all over her sensitive nape sending wisps of hair floating down everywhere and leaving a swath of quarter-inch fur. Pumping herself harder and harder as tiny hairs flickered down her body and enjoying the thrill of the unknown, Gianna could hardly contain herself.
“Ahhh….damn it!” she screeched, unable to hold it any longer as climax sweep through her body. Liam retracted the clippers and switched it off. By now her body was covered in tiny snippets of hair while chunks of large tresses settled on the floor.
Liam breathed against her neck. “You really love the clippers, don’t you, my sweet girl?”
She arched back her head, resting against his muscled torso. “God! I tried to hold it…I swear…”
“Round two it is, then,” he declared and brushed her hair anew.
This time he picked up the fine-toothed comb and clippers and started cutting her hair. The movements were smooth, confident and ruthless. He spared no detail to pick up a good chunk of hair from the nape and efficiently slice it down. The shorn hairs softly traveled down her beautiful spine, tickling on its way.
When moved towards the right side, he started slicing off the hair revealing her ears.
“How short is he going…” Gianna thought as anxiety assaulted her nerves. And when she saw the big chunk of severed hair slide down her breasts, she gaped. “Oh, my God!”
Liam chuckled a little and resumed the cutting as the desired cut was slowly shaping up to his liking. “Now you won’t have to worry about the heat at all.” Fear struck her anew, but to her own surprise, it made her wetter.
The snipping went on and on making her dizzy. Once she got too uncomfortable, the Clippers sailed around her ears on both sides, tapering the path.
He seized the longish bangs at the front and snipped them above the forehead level in a side swept look.
“Just cleaning up is left,” he said and ran the clipper at her back tapering it tighter than a pixie cut. Once done, she brushed away for the severed hairs, but since they were damp, it all stuck to her naked body.
“You look beautiful in this cut,” he said and kissed her in earnest.
“I am nervous, Liam,” she admitted in a voice.
“Are you ready to see the ‘new’ you?”
When she nodded, he took her hand and made her stand facing the mirror. Gianna was both shocked and surprised in a good measure.
Her hands reached out to touch her hair instinctively. “I have never had anything so…short,” she whispered, more to herself.
Liam’s arms wrapped her from behind while the fingers seductively danced around her lower belly. “You wouldn’t have ever taken this bold step by yourself, had I not pushed you.”
“I know. I had no idea you were going this short.”
His fingers dived between her legs, and she immediately widened her stance in invitation.
“The fear aroused you beautifully. Let’s get these hairs off you, and then we can finish what you started.”
He winked at her.
Once every last snippet of hair was dusted off her body, Liam led Gianna to the bedroom and finished with a happy ending until both of them were spent.
“I feel naked without the hair, but it’s a great change. Thank you so much, Liam.”
He licked and kissed her exposed, shorn nape. “Get ready for a new haircut next month.”
She faced him instantly. “You are not serious. Are you?”

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Best Haircut Ever

A couple summers ago my wife and I were on vacation and my wife was going to get her hair trimmed up before we went out for the evening. I told her I would go with her because I had nothing better to do (actually I love watching in a salon hoping for someone (especially my wife) gets a short haircut). When we got there, a very modern looking salon, we walked up to the receptionist and my wife explained she had an appointment and so forth. As my wife finished talking, the receptionist looked at me and asked “and you?”

I just stood there, “Oh I’m just with her.”

My wife looked at me and said, “Sure why not. Can you fit him in?” My hair was longer than usual, well over my ears and my bangs were actually down into my eyes. Work kept me from getting it cut as needed. It was really about 2 months since my last trim.

“Oh yeah, Cindy’s got an opening now. You both can get done at the same time. No, waiting around.”

With that, we both went back to the styling area. My wife way in the back, where I couldn’t see her (very disappointing), and me closer to the front. My stylist, Cindy, (very cute, very tall and very young) came over and turned me to the mirror and asked the usual question. “What are we going to do today?”

I told her I haven’t had a haircut for quite a while and needed it shaped up. She asked how long has it been and I answered 6 weeks-2 months. She gave me this OMG big smile and commented on how we are having such a ‘HOT’ summer this year it may not be a bad idea to cut it a little shorter.

“Maybe a little, but I usually where it a little longer. I’m a professional and I’ve got to look the part at work.”

“No, no, nothing like that. Just a little shorter to keep you comfortable in this heat”.

She had this big grin and I thought ‘au-oh’ and immediately started back peddling telling her, “No, nothing too short or crazy. No big change or anything. I’ve got a cowlick right here (showing her my cowlick on the right side of my hairline at my forehead). If it’s too short it will stand straight up and look goofy “¦ and I’ve got to look professional”¦ “¦ I don’t want any clippers or anything like that.”

“Oh no nothing like that. I wouldn’t use clippers on you. That would be way too short. Nothing like that.”

She then took my hand and led me to the shampoo station. There, she proceeded to give me one of the most sensual shampoo’s I’ve ever had. It lasted forever and I still wish it would have lasted longer, so relaxing.

We returned to the chair and she combed by hair out.

“Now, what side did you wanted it parted on?” she innocently asked.

“Right”. I said as she turned me facing the mirror.

“Oh that’s right, the cowlick”.

That being said she quickly picked up her scissors and took a section right at the top of my crown. The hair was at least 5-6 inches long (I told you it’s been a while since my last cut). I was watching intently as I do have a hair fetish and this stylist is gorgeous. She held the hair between her fingers exposing an inch or so through her fingers. Then she looked at me through the mirror and SNICK. She cut my hair under her fingers. Well under her fingers and tossed the cut hair on my cape. Four inches of hair fell down my cape. The crown section of hair she had was standing up. It was maybe an inch at best.

She smiled in the mirror and firmly pushed my head down. Immediately, I could feel her comb lifting my nape hair and hear the SCHNICK of the scissor cutting it. She continued and continued all the way up to the crown. After what seemed like an hour I could feel the comb effortlessly gliding up the back of my scalp.  Over and over again the comb gliding up the contour of my head and in unison with the SCHNICK of the scissor.

“No clippers here” (this is true, she said this!!!) she chuckled as she repeated the cut over and over again.

I was in shock – one, but also in heaven. She was in control and doing whatever. I wanted her to stop, but at the same time I wanted her to continue.

She made sure my head was down while she continued cutting. She must of went over it 15 times. It seemed like forever before she gently lifted my head again. I really looked the same from the front, but I knew she cut a lot of hair from somewhere.

She immediately turned me to an angle facing away from the mirror. She then proceeded to place the comb under my hair above my ear and cut scissor over comb there. Up the side of my head over and over, just as she had done in the back. As she turned me so she could cut the other side, I swear I saw skin on the side she just finished.

I damn near came in my pants. I’ve never been so confused by my emotions before. I hated it, yet I loved it. I think I loved it a lot more than I hated it.

She finished the other side in no time and turned me toward the mirror.  I said nothing. My eyes looking in the mirror said everything I had to say.

“Doesn’t it look good? It will be nice for the summer” she said giving me that big grin through the mirror. That being said. She picked up that short crown piece as a guide and started cutting the top section of hair. She was meticulous with her style. Comb a section, flip the comb, cut the hair. Comb another section, flip the comb, cut the hair. Like a machine. This time she was cutting the hair above her fingers, but her fingers were virtually touching my head. As she cut sections, she, I think purposely, tossed the hair to the front of my cape.

Finally to my bangs. She combed what remained of my front hair down and into my eyes. I felt her place the scissors high on my forehead and SCHNICK a curtain of hair falls in front of me. I can see through my one eye that these are high, really high. SCHNICK, SCHNICK, SCHNICK. Done.

“Oh one more thing,” she says leaning over me to pick up her comb. “There’s two ways to beat a cowlick, one leave it long so it bends the other is to make it a part of the cut. She then proceeds to cut scissor over comb my side again up through my cowlick. She makes a couple more passes to blend it with any remaining hair.

Done now I see what’s left of my cowlick is standing straight up, maybe ½ inch in length.

“That will make a nice natural part.” She says pulling it up.

She finishes by taking her “˜peanut’ clipper and cleaning up my nape and sides.

I stare in the mirror as she gels my hair and finger styles it. She parts it right on the “˜standing straight up’ cowlick, but it’s really not much of a part because my hair is so short. She finally holds up a hand mirror and turns the chair so I can see my cut from all angles.

She doesn’t say a word, just turns the chair very slowly letting me take it in. My eyes must be like saucers as I see my nape tapered from 0 gradually up to the 1 inch at the crown. My sides are the same tapered up from virtually nothing. I see skin, lots of skin. The top of my hair just long enough to have hint of a bend and my bangs are well up on my forehead.

“This will be great for the summer, it should help you keep cool” she says.

I look in the mirror and smile and wonder how I’m ever going to get out of this chair with such a hard on. Not to mention how I’m going to explain this at work. I’m buzzed. It looks hideous on me. Stupid! It really makes me look like a goof. Yet, it was the best haircut experience of my life and hope that someday I will have another.

As I entered the reception area, my wife was waiting for me. Her hair looked nice but nothing really different.

“Wow, now that’s what I call summer haircut” she said rubbing the back of my nape.

Cindy just smiled and I made sure she got a nice tip.

To this day, it was the best vacation of my life. I remember that haircut like it was yesterday. It took almost the rest of the year to grow out to something normal. But, it was worth it. It was something I’ve only dreamed of and as mentioned before, I hope I have the same experience again someday.

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Janice & The Express Salon (Chapter 2)

“Next!” the female barber called out towards the waiting bench. Janice appeared slightly startled by the prompt, but quickly knocked back to reality from her worry.

She was caught in a spot with Sam still not back from his comics. “Hell damn those comics Sam,” Janice thought exactly at that moment. With the ticket card still in hand, the nervousity made her slightly break out in cold sweat. The female barber looked on mysteriously as Janice continued to sit on the bench with her repeated prompting.

“Alright, I guess I could use a trim. Can’t let the money go to waste after all,” Janice supposed. She finally gathered her bravery to lift her almost jelly legs, and walked reluctantly over to take a seat at the female barber’s station.

Without question, the barber proceeded to pull out a piece of neck strip from a roll attached to a dispenser at the station. She wrapped the neck strip around Janice’s neck by the front, and lifted up Janice’s auburn locks so that it could be fastened in place. A neatly folded haircutting cape was then taken off the shelf, unfolded, and draped over Janice entirely. Similar to the previous lady, the cape was so huge that Janice’s silhouette was no longer obvious. All that could be seen of Janice was her head of long auburn locks, a gift of her mother’s good genes.

“So miss, what will it be for you?” the female barber began to question while tightening the cape around Janice’s neck. Well, that sure caught Janice in the spot, since this haircut wasn’t her original intent at all. With nothing in mind, Janice responded. “Umm, perhaps just a little off the top?” she meekly spoke.

“Alright, hopefully you won’t regret this,” the female barber retorted. Regret? Janice felt confused by her using that term since there was nothing regretful about getting a trim, or is there?

The female barber grabbed a pair of cordless hair clippers off the shelf, and retrieved a straight comb from her hairdressing pouch. Janice was not surprised by the usage of the hair clippers, since some of the stylists at the salon she frequented used them as well for trims, since the cut would be more even. But what was coming, Janice would never have thought of.

“Bend your head down for me please,” the female barber asked as she positioned herself behind Janice, ready to render her services. Janice bent down as instructed, but nonetheless was forcefully pushed down further with the female barber’s hand, so forward that her chin almost touched the cape.

The hair clippers then snapped alive with a thud, albeit much softer than that of the corded bad boys that the traditional barbers used. Janice was pretty calm, expecting nothing more than a few runs of the hair clippers over the split ends of her auburn locks. Instead, the female barbers parted her hair into several sections, with the top and crown area one section, and the sides and back another. This puzzled Janice, since that is the usual parting for short haircuts. What was the female barber up to?

All soon became clear. As soon as the female barber was done with the sectioning, she lifted Janice’s auburn locks by the back to reveal her neck line. The hair clippers were then pushed straight upwards from the neck line, only stopping short of the partition between the top and the back section! Janice was shocked by the unexpected sensation felt from the clippers, and was sure that certainly was not just a trim!

Clearly Janice was not the one surprised by the move, as the customers that arrived after her and still waiting by the bench, all briefly shifted attention to her as they watched the hair clippers sever her beautiful auburn locks from her scalp. What was left from that one push with the hair clippers were light brown stubble, so short that it probably can’t be combed.

Janice had a brief urge to speak up about that not being what she wanted, but she realised that the damage had already been done. She can only let the female barber finish the shearing. But beneath that obvious intent, Janice also enjoyed the touch of the hair clippers, which was a surprise to her as well. The vibration of the hair clippers while running through her locks was such a stimulating experience, Janice almost got wet below. She held it in nonetheless, with fear of being embarrassed in public.

The female barber pushed the hair clippers through Janice’s locks again, widening the path of brown stubble. Janice’s auburn locks coasted briefly in the air after being clipped, before landing lifelessly on the floor. Even with just two pushes, the floor was already littered with Janice’s clipped locks. The same motion was repeated throughout the backs and sides, bringing the hair in the section to shorter than even an inch, probably a quarter inch at most. Janice’s scalp was partially visible through all the brown stubble. So much hair had already been cut, the floor around Janice’s chair was covered in auburn, and the cape was enveloped with her cut hair as well. She almost sighed at the sight of her precious locks, which she grew so dearly, all chopped off in minutes.

With the sides and back all sheared close to the scalp, Janice was already feeling pretty light-headed. It has been quite long since Janice felt the feeling of having nothing to cover up her face, nothing to frame her facial features. But all this was restored momentarily as the top section was unpinned, letting her remaining long hair down, covering over the shaved sides and back. Janice reached out to touch the sheared back, and the stubbly touch was really such an exciting feeling. But Janice realised that this had to stop, or she would probably be heading home with a crew cut. In the current state, at least she could use the remaining locks in the top section to cover the sides and back, giving some time to grow back out some hair before deciding what she wants to do in the end.

As the barber was about to run the hair clippers over the top with a different guard, Janice quickly signaled for her to stop. The female barber stopped short of an irreversible process, as the clippers were just inches away from Janice’s frontal hairline.

“I think we can stop here,” Janice said again. The immersed crowd by the waiting bench looked almost disappointed upon hearing Janice’s decision, but quickly acted nonchalant to conceal their interest in Janice’s shearing. Fortunately for Janice, she had plenty of hair, enough from the top to cover up the shaved sides and back. The female barber, slightly upset by the fact that she couldn’t give Janice a complete buzz cut, unfastened the cape off Janice, and used the neck strip to wipe off any loose hairs on Janice’s face.

At this moment, Sam appeared around the corner of the express salon. His reflection was spotted by Janice through the reflection, prompting her to turn around and stare straight at Sam in the eyes. What will happen to Sam next, especially after his disappearance caused Janice to lose half her head of hair? Find out how the story continues in the available Chapter 3, or go backwards & check out Chapter 1 if you have not!

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Janice & The Express Salon (Chapter 1)

Janice was in her room surfing the internet, enjoying her long deserved semester break after working hard for the past few months. She was chilling in the comfort of her own room, when the door suddenly clicked open. Her mom’s head popped through partially, and Janice knew at once that she needed a favour. She knows her mom too well after all these years.

“Hey Janice, I hope you’re not too busy right now. Do you mind taking Sam to get his haircut? I have plenty of laundry and stuff to attend to right now you see,” she asked, almost in a pleading tone. On first hand, it may seem plausible for Janice to reject, but she knows that if she did so, mom is sure to “repay” the favour somehow next time. Sighing, she consented to her mom’s request, brought Sam and headed out to the nearby mall. Sam was Janice’s younger brother and only aged thirteen then.

As soon as they stepped out of the house, the heat set in. It was summer and the sun was scorching bright. Through the sunshine, even Janice’s dark brown locks seem to glisten in an orange-like shade. With Sam in hand, they walked towards the nearby mall where Sam usually gets his haircuts. In the mall, there is an express salon cum barbershop where haircuts are done for a fixed price, and guaranteed to complete in 10 minutes. Its fuss-free selling point attracted Janice’s mom to bring Sam there all the time.

In less than five minutes, Janice and Sam stepped foot into the mall, and the air conditioning instantly soothed off the summer heat while they were walking earlier. Janice was already soaked up in sweat, especially since her hair was long and covered half of her back. She gathered her hair at the back and lifted it up with one hand, wiping off sweat with the other.

Janice & The Express Salon (Part 1)

After chilling down briefly, Janice wasted no time as she brought Sam over to the express salon. At the entrance, Janice saw that all the barbers (cum hairdressers) were occupied with customers at the moment. While these express salons cater to men and women, the majority of their customer base are males. It was no different looking at this visit, as most of the customers getting their haircuts were guys too.

As Janice walked in with Sam, a young lady with long jet-black hair entered at the same time. Out of courtesy, Janice prompted for her to go ahead and get the ticket first. The tickets were bought from an automated machine at the corner of the salon. After Janice bought a ticket for Sam, she noticed that the lady was sitting on the bench already. Knowing that the order that the customers sit at the bench determines the queue, Janice prompted Sam to take a seat beside the lady.

“Sis, is it okay if I go check out the comics from the bookstore nearby? I promise I will be back in less than ten,” Sam asked Janice.  Already slightly upset that she had to be mom’s replacement for bringing Sam here for a haircut, she was very reluctant to agree to his request. However, Sam repeatedly pleaded and Janice finally agreed to avoid looking like a mean sister in front of everyone.

With Sam gone for the moment, the seat beside the lady was vacated. Janice had to step in and queue on behalf of Sam while he was away. While she sat, there was nothing much to do but observe the haircuts going on. Sitting at the chair directly in front of the bench was a young man, whom was getting a pretty big change. The male barber was swiftly working on his hair, chopping off inches of his hair. This was evident as the white cape plastered with the express salon’s logo was littered with his hair, especially on the shoulders.

After a brief moment, the man’s haircut was finished and he headed off while the barber quickly tidied the area, swiping the floor around the chair quickly and cleaned his haircutting tools. The barber then signalled for the lady beside Janice to take a seat at his chair. Janice moved over to take a seat at the lady’s place on the bench so as not to obstruct the queue, especially since there were more customers queuing behind Janice already.

As the lady took a seat, Janice began to turn anxious as Sam’s turn was next and he was not back yet. Flustered, there was nothing she could do because she couldn’t leave her place to find Sam. If she did, Sam would have to queue up all over again and it would take up too much time. She prayed desperately in her mind that Sam quickly came back while she continued to sit on the bench.

Trying to keep calm, she decided to focus on the lady who just took a seat at the male barber’s chair. The barber pulled out a neck strip from a dispenser on the shelf beside the large mirror, and wrapped it around the lady’s neck. It was sealed tightly by the back of her neck with a blue-coloured adhesive that was part of the neck strip. The barber then pulled out a haircutting cape off the shelf and skilfully tossed the cape over the lady, draping her entire body and fastening it tightly around her neck as well. The cape was so huge that the lady’s slim silhouette could no longer be seen, except for her high heels that rested on the footrest which peered through slightly from beneath the cape.

Without waiting for the barber to prompt, the lady spoke up and instructed him on how she wanted her haircut. “Give me a classic one-length bob, and thick straight bangs,” the lady instructed the barber. Upon hearing her instructions, the barber looked surprised and so was Janice! She had such beautiful hair and she actually wanted to cut it off.

The barber acknowledged the lady’s desire, and reached for a pair of cordless clippers off the shelf. He unplugged the guard off the clippers, and gave the blades a good swipe with a brush. With the clippers in one hand, he gently lowered the lady’s head forward with the other so that it was easier for him to cut her hair. The lady’s head was lowered till the point where her chin almost touched her chest. The clippers then came alive with a thud. The barber gave the lady’s jet-black locks its final few moments by combing through them a couple more times; it will take the lady a long time before she can comb through such long hair again. With the hair neatened out from the combing, the barber pressed the clippers on the lady’s locks at the nape area in a straight line! It was simultaneous but Janice could catch a clear glimpse as the lady’s locks were sheared off by the clippers’ blades. The sheared locks dislodged from the lady’s remaining hair, and descended to rest on the salon’s floor.

With the back done, the barber moved to her left, obstructing Janice’s view briefly. When the barber was done and moved to work on the other side, she was shocked as she realised that the long locks that framed the lady’s face were gone! What was left was hair that rested at chin-length, allowing the lady’s jawbone and part of her ear to be visible with the hair now gone. Evidence of the cut was obvious as long jet-black locks could be seen resting in the lady’s lap on the cape.

The barber then tilted the chair slightly so that he could position himself facing the lady’s face. He combed down the hair at the frontal hairline, which temporarily covered the lady’s face. He then pressed the clippers fearlessly just above the eyebrows, sending a thick pile of hair plunging down the cape, adding on to the pile of hair already present on the lady’s lap.

With that, the lady’s haircut was almost done and the male barber was almost finished as he proceeded to use the air washer to clean off the loose hairs for the lady. At this moment, a female barber working on a customer seated a chair away from the lady was almost done as well. The customer was already on his feet and strolling off as the female barber cleaned up her station.

What Janice feared most was going to happen. Sam was not back yet at this moment. How will Janice cope with the situation? Check out the following chapters to find out how the story will eventually end!

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Cutting long Hair to Pixie Haircut is an Act of Social Revolt in the Sub-Continent?

"Lambey ball tou larkion ka ghena hai", right? Wrong. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to realize, in some personal and very painful ways, how deeply socialized “hair” is — especially for women in Pakistan. Every woman here seems to have the same hairstyle: long and dark, preferably straight and layered.

Long hair is the top requirement for perfect beti, biwi and baho. I found this out the hard way. A few years ago, I was an amateur model then. My friend and I had landed an amazing opportunity to model for a fashion show. We had to cut our hair short like pixie cut / boycut short hair because it was one of the requirements of the show. It was hard to let go the rapunzel long hair, but i didnt want to miss the opportunity.

My family didn't approve the haircut. My mom and bahi reaction was priceless, they didnt talk to me for days. I had to face alot of embarrassment at one of my cousins wedding. It seemed like everybody was talking about my haircut. Some aunties stopped their daughters to talk to me because they thought that maybe i was a lesbian. Some boys thought i had a breakup thats why i cut my hair. My mom, poor soul, had alot of explaining to do. My scrutiny didnt end there.

The fashion show was televised and it caught an eye of some mulana sahb. Their social media cell started a "ball bachao jihad" movement against the designer and some of the models who had short hair in the show. God knows why I became the poster child of that movment. I wanted to become famous, but not like that. All of a sudden, i became the target of all the so called "mulanas". They cursed me and my family on social media facebook, Instagram everywhere. It was a really tough time for me.

After all these years, i still keep my hair short because i like it like that. People said, long hair is feminine; i felt the most feminine when i cut my hair short. People said, i would never get married becuase men like long hair; my husband loves my short hair. I didnt cut my hair because of a mental breakdown; nor my short hair defines my sexuality. My hair is only one aspect of my expression, but in a culture that radically rejects anything that doesn’t conform to binary gendering, it’s also come to symbolize personal and creative freedom. In the end i would just say to everyone who is reading this article; lambey ball ya chotey ball; apki beti biwi baho ghena hai.

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