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A Pixie Haircut to Remember, Consensual, Surprise, Time for a Change, What If

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barber, boycut, Consensual, Couples, Haircuts, fetish haircut, Home long to short makeover, Sexual Fantasy, shave, Surprise XXX,

Gianna was a warm-skinned beauty with mid-back length chestnut hair, luscious and gleaming under the bright sun rays. Gianna’s husband, Liam, couldn’t take off his eyes when he first saw her at a music festival. Then, the three-year-old relationship turned into forever when they finally decided to get hitched two years ago. But it wasn’t just Gianna’s beauty that attracted Liam; it was her abundant innocence and golden heart that truly ensnared him.
By the time, Gianna reached home, she was a hot mess. The skin was burning, hair clung onto her face due to sweat while the bun was falling apart, and the feet were hurting like hell. Wheezing and panting, she entered home and plopped down on the couch. Since there was time before Liam would return, she decided to soak herself in the luxurious bathtub.
Drawing a bath for herself, she poured her lavender scented essential oil and usual soap and stepped in. Once her body submerged inside the cooling, aromatic water, calmness engulfed her, and she almost lost track of time.
“Gianna, baby, you will give me a heart attack now!” Liam jolted her awake as she jerked up on the bathtub.
She held her hand to her chest. “What?!”
“You fell asleep in the tub!” Liam screeched.
She looked around and gathered herself. “How did you enter the home?”
“I took the key from Mrs. Davis across the door. I tried the bell so many times, but you didn’t answer. Then I tried the cellphone, but it was switched off,” Liam said.
“Yeah, yeah. The battery is dead, and I forgot to put it on charge.” Gianna sighed long and deep. “It was an awful day, Liam. Don’t even get me started.”
“Babe, you look upset. What happened?”
“At the firm, the Wellington Case is going south. No witnesses are willing to testify. My car broke down suddenly, and I had to walk down five blocks in a pair of heels, and that too, in this sultry weather. Plus, the phone went dead. And when I came home, I saw I looked like shit.” She finally ended her babble in one breath.
Liam leaned in and pulled her into a long, deep kiss as their tongue danced until they were breathless.
“Let me make you feel good then,” he said and urged her to lean back against the tub. Dislodging her bun and letting the chestnut brown hair cascade down, he offered, “How about I wash your hair?”
She grinned like a kid. “You’re an angel, Liam.”
Liam pulled a stool, placed it behind the tub and settled down. Squirting a generous amount of shampoo after wetting her hair, he started lathering from root to tips. And washing a mid-back length hair with such volume and lusciousness was no small task!
As his fingers worked her scalp, adding pressure and massaging with firm strokes, Gianna was moaning in bliss.
“God! This feels…heavenly, Liam,” she breathed. The fingers now pressed the lower portion of her skull.
“Don’t moan like that baby; you will give me a hard-on.” Liam chuckled. But to his wonderment, she moaned even louder.
“You are a tease, woman!” Liam scolded.
“I know.” She smiled. “When I came home, I thought of washing the hair after a bath, but I felt so tired that I had to drop the plan. It is so lengthy and takes so much time…” she trailed off.
“When was the last time you cut your hair?” he asked. “Except for those front layers.”
“Every time I sit down on the hairstylist’s chair, I bail out. I can’t decide what cut or length I want, so I just ask her to trim the fringes, pay and leave,” Gianna answered.
“Why don’t ask the hairstylist to help you choose?”
Gasping, she quickly sat upright and spun around. “What if…you know…what if I don’t like the length or the cut? I don’t want to leave the fate of my hair on a stranger’s decision and regret later.”
Liam grabbed her shoulders and swiveled her gently to face away. “OK, drama queen, sit straight and let me wash your hair.”
He took his time to rinse off the suds from the hair, then applied conditioner and finally finished off the process.
“The massage felt amazing, Liam,” she uttered in bliss.
By then, Liam stripped off his clothes and advanced towards the shower cubicle. Gianna glanced his way, watching silently how the water cascaded down his chiseled body and muscular structure.
He turned around to face her. “Mind joining me, álainn?”
She got up and climbed out of the tub, sauntering closer to him. “Thought you’d never ask.”
Arms wrapped around each other, skin against skin, the happy couple got lost into the intoxication of their nakedness. Once the faucet was turned off, Liam watched Gianna struggle to entangle the wet mass of unruly long hair while he dried himself.
An idea struck his mind.
He advanced towards her and proceeded to soak the water from her hair-very carefully, very gently, almost sensual.
“God! Washing, drying, and caring for this hair takes half a day for me,” she grumbled, at the same time enjoy the feel of being pampered by the love of her life.
“You said you couldn’t decide for yourself,” Liam began carefully. “And you don’t want a stranger to decide for you, too. Then I have a solution.”
“Really?” She turned around with a hopeful expression. “What’s the solution?”
He brushed the damp fringes away clinging to her forehead. “How about I decide something for you, Gia? Will you let me?”
Gianna was stunned for a moment, but even she couldn’t deny that the idea of Liam deciding for her was surprisingly fabulous. “I…I didn’t even think about it. Wow! It never struck me. I think it’s the perfect solution, Liam.”
He stood behind her, studying the length and volume of damp, tangled mane. “You are right, álainn. This is really high maintenance,” he commented.
“You need to tell the stylist exactly how you want. Sometimes they tend to misread the instructions,” she voiced her concern.
He swept her hair off her shoulders and leaned down, whispering in her ear, “I am not taking you to a stylist, Gia. I will be cutting your hair.”
Instantly, she lost her voice as eyes widened. “I…I…perfect,” she breathed out.
Liam smiled, as another instruction rolled out of his lips. “Sit on that stool. I’ll be back in a minute.”
With that, he hurried out of the bathroom, into their bedroom, and grabbed a hairbrush, comb and a gleaming pair of scissors from the cupboard. When he returned, he saw his beautiful, compliant wife sitting on the stool – waiting for him – with a towel wrapped around her body. “No. I want you naked while I cut your hair,” he declared, and jerked the towel away, exposing her warm, flawless nakedness. “And you face this way, not that.” He quickly turned her away from the floor length mirror on the opposite wall.
He quickly cut her in. “No. Those are the rules. No clothes and no mirror.”
Gianna hunched her shoulders in defeat. “Alright. I am all yours. At least tell me what are you planning to do?”
He winked and stalked behind her to begin brushing the tresses gently until they are free of knots. The pampering helped her slip into the state of tranquility in no time. Once the brushing stopped, and he picked up the scissors, Gianna anxiously asked, “How are much are you trimming, Liam?”
“Gianna,” his tone was firm and serious. “This is no trimming. I promised you a haircut so you will receive a haircut. No silly trimming. Now sit tight and let me work.”
Even though nervousness churned inside her, she sat straight, allowing him to continue. Liam had no idea before he began, but the thought of a drastic look made him greedy. He never saw Gianna experimenting with her looks or stepping out of her comfort zone and for once, with this opportunity, he wanted to push her. But he trod very carefully not to startle her and began with baby steps.
He slid the scissors near her shoulders, held her head steady with the other hand, and began snipping away 10inches of length.
The sound of snipping and the touch of the cold steel were the only clues from where she could draw any conclusions. It went on and on, in slow, deliberating tune and finally ended. Long, masculine fingers brushed the newly cut length as she nervousness slowly slid away.
“There!” he said and dropped the 10inches length near her feet.
“Oh my God, Liam, it’s so…” Her hands quickly shot up, but Liam captured them in no time.
“No, no. I haven’t finished yet. Keep your hands at your sides.”
He began brushing the hair evenly while she held her breath for the next move. This time, he divided the hair into three sections – back, left and right, and began working on her nape. The cold steel touched her skin once again, this time at the end of her skull, and the excruciating sound of snip began. Once the cut ended, she breathed a small sigh of relief hoping this would be the end of the surprising haircut by her husband.
Liam fluffed the short hair, now touching the base of her skull. His fingers lightly feathered over the exposed neck in a gratifying manner. Each passing second, she fell deeper under his spell. His large palm splayed on top of her head, tilting it slightly, holding and steadying her as he cautioned, “Keep very still for this. If the line gets crooked, I would have to trim more than I intend to.”
“Okay,” Gianna whispered as he started working on the left side. The scissors worked in slow motion, snipping the hair along the jawline. Gianna closed her eyes devouring on the sensation that both filled her with apprehension and excitement. She could feel the shorn tresses on her shoulders, and then gliding down to her naked breasts and finally on her lap or feet. She tried hard not to squirm in her seat and to prevent rubbing her thighs together to diffuse the growing heat between her legs. Finally, the snipping on the left side completed, and he moved to the right.
“Gia!” he warned when she could help but squirm with delicate sensations.
“I…the hair actually…” she trailed off.
Finishing off the right side, he stood in front of her comparing both the sides.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Just have to trim it a little–”
She quickly cut him in. “No, no. I think it’s short enough. I never had something so short before, Liam.”
He gently cupped her jaw, easing her fears. “Gia, you trust me, right? Allow me to decide for you. Just let go all of the stress and enjoy your haircut. Let’s make you feel good,” he said and squatted down in front her. He slowly nudged her thighs apart and flicked a finger over her swollen clit.
“Oh God!” she moaned.
“You’re wet, sweetheart,” he stated the obvious with a smirk. “I wonder why. Is it being naked, or the surprise haircut?” he asked, continuing to tease her wet and warm folds.
“I think…both,” she whimpered, biting onto her lower lip.
“Let’s move on to the next surprise then,” he announced, retracting his touch and moving to stand behind her once again.
He picked up the clippers, without her knowledge, and quickly fired it up. Gianna almost jumped up.
“What…what..no…not bald please,” she begged.
“Are you mad? Of course not. Bald isn’t my kink. Sit tight and enjoy the experience, love. I assure you, you’d love this.”
With a firm hand on her head, he said, “Head down for me.”
The Clippers began its journey from her nape and towards the occipital bone in a slow, slithering movement. The vibrations were wrecking her nerves. The heat shot through her veins and pooled between her legs as she wantonly drove a finger in and out of her cunt.
“Fuck…it feels…” she groaned.
Liam’s voice rose above the clippers. “Bring yourself on edge and hold it there. Do not cum!”
“You have no idea how close I am, Liam.”
“Oh! I have the idea alright, sweetheart. But hold yourself back. If you cum, I am getting another go with the scissors and then the clippers again,” he warned in a dark, seductive voice. Even Liam was hard with desire.
The clippers roamed all over her sensitive nape sending wisps of hair floating down everywhere and leaving a swath of quarter-inch fur. Pumping herself harder and harder as tiny hairs flickered down her body and enjoying the thrill of the unknown, Gianna could hardly contain herself.
“Ahhh….damn it!” she screeched, unable to hold it any longer as climax sweep through her body. Liam retracted the clippers and switched it off. By now her body was covered in tiny snippets of hair while chunks of large tresses settled on the floor.
Liam breathed against her neck. “You really love the clippers, don’t you, my sweet girl?”
She arched back her head, resting against his muscled torso. “God! I tried to hold it…I swear…”
“Round two it is, then,” he declared and brushed her hair anew.
This time he picked up the fine-toothed comb and clippers and started cutting her hair. The movements were smooth, confident and ruthless. He spared no detail to pick up a good chunk of hair from the nape and efficiently slice it down. The shorn hairs softly traveled down her beautiful spine, tickling on its way.
When moved towards the right side, he started slicing off the hair revealing her ears.
“How short is he going…” Gianna thought as anxiety assaulted her nerves. And when she saw the big chunk of severed hair slide down her breasts, she gaped. “Oh, my God!”
Liam chuckled a little and resumed the cutting as the desired cut was slowly shaping up to his liking. “Now you won’t have to worry about the heat at all.” Fear struck her anew, but to her own surprise, it made her wetter.
The snipping went on and on making her dizzy. Once she got too uncomfortable, the Clippers sailed around her ears on both sides, tapering the path.
He seized the longish bangs at the front and snipped them above the forehead level in a side swept look.
“Just cleaning up is left,” he said and ran the clipper at her back tapering it tighter than a pixie cut. Once done, she brushed away for the severed hairs, but since they were damp, it all stuck to her naked body.
“You look beautiful in this cut,” he said and kissed her in earnest.
“I am nervous, Liam,” she admitted in a voice.
“Are you ready to see the ‘new’ you?”
When she nodded, he took her hand and made her stand facing the mirror. Gianna was both shocked and surprised in a good measure.
Her hands reached out to touch her hair instinctively. “I have never had anything so…short,” she whispered, more to herself.
Liam’s arms wrapped her from behind while the fingers seductively danced around her lower belly. “You wouldn’t have ever taken this bold step by yourself, had I not pushed you.”
“I know. I had no idea you were going this short.”
His fingers dived between her legs, and she immediately widened her stance in invitation.
“The fear aroused you beautifully. Let’s get these hairs off you, and then we can finish what you started.”
He winked at her.
Once every last snippet of hair was dusted off her body, Liam led Gianna to the bedroom and finished with a happy ending until both of them were spent.
“I feel naked without the hair, but it’s a great change. Thank you so much, Liam.”
He licked and kissed her exposed, shorn nape. “Get ready for a new haircut next month.”
She faced him instantly. “You are not serious. Are you?”

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